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What is Haven

What is a Haven Auto Extended Warranty?

Haven is the new, easy way of purchasing peace of mind for your vehicle. Our app allows you to select the best coverage for your car directly from the top award-winning warranty administrators in under 90 seconds. 

BTW, We use terms Extended Warranty and Warranty because this is what our future customers search online. In technical terms, Haven Extended Warranty Plans are Vehicle Service Contracts or in California Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. Haven Extended Warranty Plan is not a manufacturer’s warranty. Haven provides repair coverage after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Can I trust Haven Warranty?

We’ve selected the best extended warranty administrators and created a direct line to their services, bypassing annoying and expensive sales middlemen. Haven users are serviced by the same providers that are behind the contracts sold at your dealer or online, just without the hefty markup.

See our sample contract.

Prices and payments

How much can I save on repairs if I buy a Haven Warranty plan?

The cost of an engine replacement is over $3,000 dollars. A transmission replacement will set you back more than $2,000. With thousands of parts in a vehicle, the possibility for expensive repairs is endless. Haven plans will cost you anything between $39 and $80 a month, depending on the type of coverage selected. You do the math.

Why are Haven Warranty plans cheaper than comparable plans sold at my dealer or other websites?

Haven’s leading edge technology eliminates the cost of the sales middleman, allowing users direct access to the best warranty plans in the industry. Haven users are serviced by the same providers that are behind the contracts sold at your dealer or online, just without the hefty markup.

Same services. Half the cost. A fraction of the time.

Do I pay a deductible per each visit to a repair facility?

No. As long as it’s the same repair, you only have to pay the deductible once.

Can I cancel my Haven Warranty plan?

Yes, you can 🙂

Every Haven Warranty plan can be canceled at any time.

You can also get your money back in your first 30 days after signing up for a plan.

After your first 30 days, you can cancel your plan free of charge as long as the total amount paid in your monthly installments is below the amount claimed on the plan to date. These cancellation terms are more customer focused than most of the extended warranties on the market.

Is my Haven Warranty plan transferable?

Yes. Haven plans are designed to benefit you the most, so you can transfer your Haven Warranty plan to a new owner when you sell your car. Having your Haven Warranty included might even increase the selling price of your car 😉

Claims and coverage

How do I file my claim?

Haven users file claims directly with the warranty administrator.

Haven will help you in all stages of a filing. You can call your warranty administrator directly from the Haven app and we will make sure you have all necessary contract data exactly when you need it.

Is my car, truck or SUV eligible for a Haven warranty plan?

It probably is. We have a wide selection of warranty plans to fit almost any car. Just enter your car details (or just scan your VIN) in the Haven App and we will give you a customized quote immediately. The average Haven users receive their quotes in under 2 minutes.

What’s covered by the Haven Warranty plans?

We have a selection of plans from the leading warranty administrators to fit any need and budget. Please see our app for details on the coverage plans or check out a sample contract.

Are routine maintenance and pre-existing conditions covered?


Can I take a look at a sample contract?

Sure. Here it is.

Peace of mind for your car 🚗  from just $39.99/month

Extended warranty coverage directly from providers. No middleman. No sales calls. Ever.

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