Haven #StopRobo helps to stop unwanted calls and messages

Peace of mind for you regarding telemarketing calls and scams

According to the FCC, telemarketing calls, emails and mailings have become one of the most annoying marketing techniques.

We want to create a world without evil telemarketing practices. That’s why Haven works hard to help unsubscribe you from old-school telemarketing calls and scams. We do this absolutely free for anyone who uses our app. 

How does #StopRobo work?

Haven begins by implementing the necessary steps recommended by usa.gov and the FCC on your behalf. #StopRobo adds your number to the FCC’s National Do Not Call Registry and most of the do-not-call registries of each state and extended warranty market players.

These steps help to prevent unsolicited sales calls from getting to you. It also gives you the right to file a lawsuit against any violators if they do contact you.

But Haven doesn’t stop there. We'll use the same annoying marketing techniques the bad players use to unsubscribe you from their services. We might even contact the violators to advocate on your behalf.

Are you a constant target of extended warranties telemarketers? Do you have any suggestions? Just drop us a line at StopRobo@havenwarranty.com.

Peace of mind for your car 🚗  from just $39.99/month

Extended warranty coverage directly from providers. No middleman. No sales calls. Ever.

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